On this 4th of July weekend, Lynn has declared independence from further chemo.

After a rough period of weeks, including two trips to the hospital, it is clear the chemo is doing more harm than good. The chemo itself has caused challenging side effects for a significant time long after the chemo treatment is complete. And while in the hospital, CT scans showed no improvement. Lynn has decided it is now time to focus on quality of life. She is planning to relax and enjoy her time with family and friends.

Lynn is clearly at peace with this decision. She truly feels better knowing there will be no more chemo. While the discussions with her close family were tearful, everyone fully understands and supports her decision. As a result, she has been able to spend a wonderful holiday weekend with her children, her mother, brother and husband at her side.

For the record, one of her dear work friends told Lynn she no longer needed to be a princess when the role of “Queen Lynn” was wide open. This weekend, Queen Lynn was treated with the respect she so deserved after this very hard battle.

We will be forever grateful for the love, support, genuine concern, meals, flowers, cards, etc. that came Lynn’s way. There is no doubt that Lynn’s impact has been positive and far reaching. And your willingness to return that favor with your love for Lynn has helped her these past 14 months.


From Lynn…..

To each of you – my special family members and friends, thank yous will never be enough to tell you what your love, support. prayers, encouragement, and positive energy have meant to me.  It all combined to helped me beat the odds by a long shot and gave me added months that created such special memories.  Having a terminal illness gave  me a different view and perspective on things……. One that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.  I was always one to be rushing here and there. These past 14 months really gave me the proverbial time to smell the roses and I did just that.

I always said that when the bad days exceeded the good ones, it was time to move on to a more peaceful life and that’s where I am. Carl, the kids and I individually and together have had some wonderful conversations reflecting back on our lives together.  Despite some times not having our finest parenting moments, all is well and two beautiful young adults have emerged!

I’ve told a lot of people that during these past 14 months I’ve prayed to God for closure on some things – to see Carl settled back into coaching basketball where he can so positively influence the lives of young woman through the sport; to see Kevin and Tay continue to flourish in their careers and lives in NY and to get Kristin settled into a new role in a location that she loves and thrives in.  God has answered all those requests and more.  He even put Kristin with the Brooklyn Nets in NYC and helped find an apartment 13 blocks from her brother.  I couldn’t be happier with the lives that are in front of all of them.

In closing, I wish my arms were long enough and my energy plentiful enough to write each of you a personal  note and give you a hug.  Your posts have been part of the ship that kept me afloat.  May God bless each one of you.

Sending so much love your way,








20 responses

  1. A Trip To Heaven
    © Annmarie Campbell
    I took a trip to heaven
    But only in my mind
    I wanted to know what it’s like
    To leave all you love behind.
    So I closed my eyes, and started to see
    Just how beautiful heaven can be.

    I could see the pearly gates of white
    and behind them was the most radiant light.
    I saw an angel as she was passing by
    so incredibly beautiful that a tear fell from my eye.
    Everyone looked perfect and with the angels they did sing
    There are no earthly words to describe the beauty of their wings.

    As I sat on a bench in the most incredible garden
    I asked God for all of my sins to be pardoned
    I took one last look at all of the beauty around
    And when I opened my eyes, it was peace that I found.

    Dear Carl and Kristen, years ago I went through what you are right now. My sister Debbie, 45 passed away from cancer. This poem was my favorite and it helped me deal with losing my sister. I hope it will help you. This is a very hard time and I feel for you all. When my sister Debbie passed at home, while we all sat with her, I thought it was unbearable but then suprisingly, very peaceful. I was heartbroken but the pain was gone. No more suffering. The lose will be great but you will get on knowing she would want you to be happy and strong. God Bless you and your family at this very personal time. Lynn, fly toward the Light, the Angels are waiting.

    Love, Deana

  2. There are so many things I want to say, Lynn, but the only words that can express all of what you mean to me without going on and on for hours on end are about your smile; the feeling that your smile belongs to the receiver and how warm and wonderful it feels to have received your love in that one gesture will always be there. I am truly richer for having received your smile over and over again…. you are our gift…. With hugs and hope, Anita

  3. Sharon Schoemaker | Reply

    We could not have asked for a better neighbor or friend. There are so many memories on our block. I will remember when we moved onto Pinecrest there was a picnic at your house and you opened up your house to us. You and Carl have raised two wonderful children and your legacy will be through them. You have shown me that I need to enjoy every moment I have because you never know when it will be gone. Thank you for everything and if there is anything you or the family needs let us know. Cliff, Sharon, Heather and Amanda

  4. My heart goes out to you and your family. You are truly an inspiration. Makes me sad to think of all you have gone through. Fighting this terrible beast, and it does not want to give up. I prayed for a miracle for you, along with all of the Lehigh Valley and beyond ! Enjoy your precious time with your family. There are so many people that were rooting for you and we all were waiting for a WIN ! God Bless you Lynn, such a beautiful person you are. Even though we haven’t seen each other in many years, I will always remember you as one of the friendly parents who loved everyone and always had a smile for all. And a parent that ALL your kids friends adored. You let them all into your home and treated them like your own. God Bless and Big Hug to you. You are an Angel on Earth !
    Love, Deana

  5. Grace, courage, strength, faith and trust — just a few words that describe all of you. Our prayers and love are with you. God Bless.

  6. Lynn,

    You are so incredibly strong, courageous, remarkable, kind, intelligent, beautiful inside and out and my list could go on. I have looked up to you so much and with amazement you always have it all together. Juggling the career, mother, and wife responsibilities, I will always look up to you.
    I kept telling myself to not forget that Emma is only young once and I have to keep things in perspective. You have been so inspiring as you have battled this last year and a half and once again have just shown a whole other side of strength that I hope to one day have. May you enjoy your every last month, week, day, hour, minute and second with your loved ones. We love you so much!!!

  7. Laurie Hackett | Reply

    May God bless you, Lynn. thinking of you and nothing else! Wishing you peace and comfort. Please know how much you inspire us with your words and your wisdom and your lessons! Love, Laurie

  8. Dear Lynn,
    It’s so difficult to find the words I need. Our families have known each other for a long time-27/28 years!! The kids grew up together. Kevin, Chris & Drew were the 3 Musketeers with Todd following along!! I can remember sitting outside in someone’s driveway, drinking wine or other refreshments on a Friday, watching the kids play while we celebrated the end of another week!!!! Our street picnics. Our Christmas Eves together have been precious. I know of no other group of friends who have gathered every year for 25+ years to celebrate the holiday. Of course, it began as a way to tire out the kids so we could put their toys together after putting them to bed!! (With always a piece missing!!) Even once the boys went different ways with their sports and we were all so busy, we could all get together & enjoy each other as we did in the early years. I feel privileged to have you as a friend. You’ve been there for me more times than I can count. I hope I have been there for you too. Your quiet calm & positiveness have been an anchor in some storms. I can’t imagine times without you. There will always be a hole where you should be. I’ve constantly questioned how such a good person can have been dealt this miserable disease. You have shown us all how to carry on with a burden. I’m sure you’ve had your times of frustration you have not shown most of us. I am heartsick watching you and your family go through this. You all are in our thoughts & prayers. God bless you & keep you. Forever.

    1. Dear Lynn, Reading Carol’s post brought a smile to my face. I was trying to think of what I wanted to say and it was going to be much the same as she wrote. Thank you for being a great friend and next door neighbor for over 27 years! You were always there in a time of need and I feel privileged to have been a part in helping you and your family during this terrible time. As I read through the posts your friends have written, there is a recurrent theme of what we feel that you have given all of us – strength, positiveness and grace in a time of heartbreak and sadness.
      May God’s love give you and your family peace and strength.

  9. Lynn,
    There was so much I wanted to say yesterday but couldn’t because I was blubbering so much. You have been a dear friend for over 28 years and at times a lot like a sister. We have shared so much together, watching our kids grow up which involved a lot of time at the high school stadium, proms, dances, our New Year’s Eve outings, and your weekend after New Year’s Eve parties. Not to mention that infamous trip to Myrtle Beach. Some of my fondest memories are just hanging out and talking. Kevin and I have moved a lot but we always managed to keep in touch and see each other often.
    As you have gone through this ordeal you have been an inspiration to not only me but many. You are still the Lynn I know with your humor, smile and grace and I will always cherish our time together.

  10. Nancy Kreisher | Reply

    You are such an amazing woman and an inspiration of courage, grace and faith. My thoughts and prayers will continue to be with you as you continue your journey. God bless you and your family.
    Nancy Kreisher

  11. Estelle Hollingsworth | Reply

    Dearest Lynn, your serenity and positivity are such an inspiration to me…You continue to be in my thoughts and in my heart and I am thinking of you and your family so much. I hope that you can feel the huge hug that I am sending you from the UK…all my love, Lynn. Estelle xxxx

  12. Terry DeCristofano | Reply

    Dear Lynn, You are truely an inspiration for all of us. We have watched you the past 14 months live this unexpected journey the way you have always lived your life. Always with a smile and such grace. Thank you and your family for always being so open and allowing us to be a part of your lives as you navigated this road that life has taken you on. I pray that you all feel the presence of Christ and Our Blessed Mother cover you and your family in her protective mantle. Lots of Love, Terry & Bill

  13. Such courage, such grace. Lynn, you have always been a marvel to all, an inspiration, a role model. All who know you have been graced by your cheerful attitude, your willingness to do whatever it takes to make a difference in someone’s life, to endure humbly and care for others while doing it. Your wise guidance, your loyal friendship, your bubbly sense of humor will remain with us in our hearts. As Queen, you have a loyal following. And of course your awesome kids are your legacy. You reign, now and always. This period of grace and goodbyes and gratitude is your gift from a benevolent God. He will welcome you with open arms and a High Five for a life well lived and proclaim “Well done faithful follower!” I send you my love, peace, and constant prayers. And my gratitude for being an ultimate friend. You too Carl – Kathy

  14. Lynn, you were on my mind non-stop this past weekend and regularly since the last blog post from Carl. I am glad you enjoyed your weekend with your family. Please know you hold a special place in my heart. You were a terrific role model for me through the past few decades from the time our babies were on the way, through their infant to young adult ages. You paved the way for me and others who had our children after you. I always trusted and admired you. You balanced professional and family life better than the rest of us. Even when the road was rocky, you kept your chin up and greeted everyone with a smile. You will remain in my daily prayers my friend.

  15. Lee Richardson | Reply

    To Lynn and Carl,
    God works in mysterious ways. That old cliche is so true. He has a path and pace for each of us. He led me through so many tough times. Life is what he give us and the here after is unknown unless you have faith and I know you both do. He can work miracles and sometimes he does and we just cannot see them. I can only imagine the trials you have been through but I do know that love can see you through and it sounds like it has. I am asking God to bless you all and have no doubt he will. The best to you all.


  16. Karen Richardson | Reply

    Queen Lynn! Clearly God has blessed you in so many ways. Know that our continued prayers, love and support are with you. Much love, Karen and Jeff Richardson

  17. Lynn: My thoughts and paryers are with you and your family. You are an amazing woman. I wish you peace as you relax and enjoy time with your family and friends. Diane Geist

  18. Lynn, I am so grateful for the open and honest conversation we had when we last saw each other. Even at that time, I sensed a shift in your attitude towards your illness and life itself. You are a remarkable woman who has always been such a bright light to all who have the privilege of knowing you. I am glad for your sense of peace. In doing so, you will make this transition easier for those who love you. I write this with a heavy heart as I feel my words are not enough. I wish you and your family peace, love and acceptance in your journey. With much love, Anne


  19. Feeling your peace radiate from this post. Only yesterday, we were saying , “it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Lynn…” Continuing to send our love and prayers to all of you. Thank you for enriching our lives by sharing your journey. And, indeed, you are a Queen, not a princess. Princesses need to be cared for – queens take charge of their realm. Being silent with you now. Love, Pam and Mark

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