Plan B

Lynn is planning to provide a more personal update when she feels well enough. I will try to update you on our recent situation.

Sadly the trial proved ineffective. While on this trial the cancer has grown within the liver and in the lymph nodes. The many gains we achieved from May thru October, 2013 have now been overshadowed by the current reality. Lynn is in a similar situation as she was last May. While not as challenging – we do know we will get chemo this time around – her conditions are very similar.

We are switching to a new chemo regimen. Our 2 Oncologists from Fox Chase and Lehigh Valley have been wonderful. They have reached out to each other to make sure their plan for Lynn was consistent. We truly appreciate these 2 specialists talking with each other specifically about Lynn’s care. We are grateful to both of them.

This new regimen requires Lynn to be on a 48 hour infusion based on one of the chemo drugs. So she gets all other meds during the infusion and then she leaves with a pump that delivers the one chemo over 48 hours.

This is new territory for all of us. We are optimistic. If we can get back to where we were just 3 months ago, we will reach out to Johns Hopkins regarding chemo-embolization to reduce the liver tumors.

Please keep Lynn in your thoughts. We could use some help at this point.




18 responses

  1. Carl, Lynn and Family-
    Thinking of you and sending positive thoughts and prayers. Much love. ❤
    Fran & Tom

  2. Thinking of you Lynn. Happy July 4th to you and your family. xo

  3. Carol Sheffield | Reply

    Lynn, I’m in town visiting and just found out about your illness. I’m sorry to know that you and your family are going through this.
    May 11, 2012 I went into the hospital to have a kidney stone removed, and was diagnosed with bladder cancer – I know the sense of shock! Fortunately, after a number of recurrences and surgeries, as well as two rounds of treatment, I’ve been “clean” since last October. It’s a high recurrence cancer, and has to be actively managed, but after 2 years, I’m still here! My comforting thought is that no matter what scary thing I may occasionally imagine, “it’s not today”! I found Dr. Bernie Siegel’s books, particularly Love, Medicine, and Miracles, extremely helpful.
    You will remain in my thoughts, and I wish for you the best possible outcomes from all that you are doing to regain your health. Carol

  4. Melanie Sanchez-Jones | Reply

    You are in our daily prayers. Your love and faith have inspired me over the past year and will continue to do so. Even in your challenges, you have shown great strength of character and most importantly in love and faith. God is with you through it all.

  5. “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible” xo Thinking of you and your family.


  6. Pat Brensinger | Reply

    Lynn….Continued prayers for you and your family. Stay strong and know every day that so many people are sending well wishes your way.

    God bless,
    Pat Brensinger

  7. Continued prayers Lynn.

  8. Lynn and Carl, have faith and believe in miracles. You have so much love and positive energy backing up your efforts, may the rising tide of support carry you through these times. Lynn, I hope you will feel better very soon. love love, kathy

  9. Jim & Sonja MacWilliams | Reply

    You’ve got our love and prayers. Tough news, but you guys are a tougher team. You can do it.

  10. Frustrating news. Hopefully the chemo will work again & lynn can go the Johns Hopkins. Please call for anything you need-anything. The groups are still set up & will be ready anytime you need us. Love to you all as well as thoughts & prayers.

  11. Lee Richardson | Reply

    Carl, Every cloud has a silver lining. We have to keep praying that Lynn’s shows up soon. I can’t imagine going through such an ordeal but know that I am thinking of you and will pray for asll of you.

  12. Shelley Ferry | Reply

    Thank you for the update….I’ve been wondering how Lynn has been doing. Many prayers coming your way for continued strength and healing as you move on to plan B. Keep on fighting!

  13. Patricia Barth | Reply

    Carl, Thanks for the update. Sorry it isn’t better news but Lynn is a fighter and she has a great team. Keeping you both in our prayers. Sending love.

    Kevin and Pattie

  14. Shelly Santa-Anna | Reply

    Lynn, I will continue to pray that you feel a little better each and every day! Stay strong…you have so many people praying for you and cheering you on. I miss your smiling face at work. Love you, Lynn!

    Shelly Santa-Anna

  15. Sending hugs, Miss Lynn! You are and have been in my thoughts and prayers each day. Thank you, Carl, for taking time to update us. We are here for you.

  16. Terry DeCristofano | Reply

    Lynn & Carl:
    You are in our thoughts & prayers! Let us know what kind of help you need. We all want to be there for you.
    God Bless,
    Terry & Bill

  17. Carl:  Thank you for taking the time to send this update at a time when you are personally overwhelmed.  I am so sorry to get this news.  Lynn has been such a fighter.  I pray that God gives her (and you, your family) the strength to continue with this battle.  You are all in my thoughts and prayers.  Diane Geist

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  18. Karen Richardson | Reply

    Continued prayers, Carl and Lynn. I’m hopeful when all is said and done she will win this battle!

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