Clinical Trial Update

Hi Everyone,
Here’s a quick update on our visit to Fox Chase on Monday to discuss my participation in the clinical trial. Carl and I spent a lot of time with my oncologist, Dr. Denlinger. As a side note, the more time we spend with her the more we like her. She’s very smart but also so supportive and empathetic. The perfect combination of head and heart!

I’ve crossed the first hurdle for the clinical trial including signing a bunch of documents. Next Wednesday, we’ll be heading back down for another few screens to ensure I qualify. My blood work will be reviewed along with an EKG. I’ll also have another biopsy done. It’s not for inclusion or exclusion from the trial. Eli Lilly, the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the drug, wants to have tumor profiles on file for all participants. Hopefully, the information will help them better analyze where this new drug is working and not working. We should know next week if I’m in.

If I’m accepted, I’ll be going back on cisplatin, one of the chemo drugs I was on when I was first diagnosed along with the new drug which is taken orally each day. While the cisplatin isn’t that easy to handle, I showed so much progress with it over the six months I was getting it. I’m ready to get back on it again. I said to Carl today that I think this all might be part of God’s plan. I had a needed break from cisplatin in October. Even though the cancer started to grow again, it’s slow growing (unlike last May). Now I get to go back on it along with a new biologic agent. Praying that this is the 1-2 punch that knocks this cancer on its butt.

To each of you, you have my heartfelt thanks along with an enormous hug for your continuing prayers, positive energy and good wishes. I wish I could express how much they have meant to me. Thank you for being on this journey with me as well as Carl and the rest of our family.

With love…. Lynn


9 responses

  1. Keep being strong. No matter how much the cancer has grown, you are looking great. We know you can beat this.

  2. Hi Lynn and Carl,
    I wish you the best and I know God must be one of your biggest fans. He has been riding this roller coaster with you and your family. You are a beautiful person and we need your kind in this world. You will be here to see your grandbabies and all the other fun stuff your family has always done. YOU GO GIRL !!! Stay strong (best you can)
    Take care,
    Love, Deana

  3. Lynn: You are in my thoughts and prayers. I am anxious to hear that you have been accepted for the clinical trial. Diane Geist

  4. Hi Lynn, Great news on your first hurdle with the clinical trial. Hoping your tests go well and you get to the next milestone. Wishing you the very best. I keep you in my thoughts and prayers….

    Jere Schneck

  5. Prayers for acceptance into the trial. Stay positive and know we are betting on you!! Love to you and the family!!
    Kevin and Pattie

  6. Karen Richardson | Reply

    Such wonderful news, Lynn! Continued prayers for acceptance!!!!

  7. Your upbeat and positive attitude is inspirational! You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers! Go kick this cancer in the butt!

  8. Shelly Santa-Anna | Reply

    Praying for you every day! You are an amazing woman, Lynn! So many people love you and are praying for your healing. Stay strong and focused and we will all keep the prayers coming! Love you!

    Shelly Santa-Anna

  9. Love you both so much. Irene and I are praying for you every day. Stay strong Lynn and Carl. We know you are receiving the best of care possible. Know that everyone is thinking of you every day. Sincerely, Irene and Pete Rocco

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