Tis the Season….

Tis the Season for being joyous and thankful…  for reflecting on and celebrating the countless wonderful blessings of family and friends.. for thanking God for the gifts He gives and the comfort He provides… for taking time to reflect on life’s goodness.  I’ll be doing all these things over and over this holiday season. What a very special time of the year it is!

There is so much to catch you up on since my last blog post  Thanks for your patience with me and the gaps in time between posts!  I’m constantly amazed by all of you who read this.. many thanks for finding time in your busy days!

Going back to November….. I went back to work for 10 hours per week! I try to get into the office on Monday, Thursday and Friday.  I can’t tell you how energizing it has been to be surrounded by the people I’ve come to care about so much over these past 30+ years.  I absolutely love being there!  And, I am keeping to only 10 hours… something I have to remind myself of every once in a while.

In November, I also started maintenance chemo which is a very welcome change from the  drugs I was on during my first 6 months of treatment. My infusion now takes about 30 minutes versus several hours earlier.  I really like the people who work there but I’m glad I’m seeing them for shorter periods of time now.  I’m tolerating the drugs pretty well.  Tuesday is Chemo Day and Wednesday is for recovery.  By Thursday, I’m back on my feet and in the office.

November also brought Thanksgiving.  What a very special celebration we had in the Scheitrum household.  Needless to say, there were so many reasons to give thanks. Along with Kristin, Kevin and Tay, Carl’s 94 year old father and brother joined us along with my mom, my brother and his family, and our nephew and his wife.  I’m a bit of a control freak in the kitchen but I gladly passed on the baton to the very able-bodied next generation.  The day could not have been more perfect!

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving Eve brought very sad news – the passing of a dear friend and colleague, Don Boyd.  I had the privilege of working with and for him for much of my time at Air Products.  One thing I’ll always remember is his devotion to his wife, Trish, his children and the rest of his family. Nothing made his eyes sparkle more than talking about them.   Don had retired a couple of years ago.  He and Trish were living life to its fullest when he suddenly passed away. He’ll be missed so much by so many.

December has started off with a big reason to celebrate.  As you know, in April, Kristin gave up a wonderful job and life in Chicago to come home to help care for me. With my latest medical reports being so positive (and my commitment to stay on my very healthy eating regime), she embarked on a job search.  It didn’t take long for an organization to notice her many talents.  On January 2nd, she’ll be starting with the  Brooklyn Nets & Barclays Center.  She’ll be in Marketing working to develop both the creative ideas and business proposals for their corporate sponsors. Such an exciting opportunity and we could not be happier for her!

Carl is busy helping coach both the boys and girls basketball teams at Emmaus.  He works it around my treatments.  So very happy to see him back re-engaged.  Carl has brought so much to the young people he has coached, developing not only their skills but their character.  Over the years, the heartfelt notes that have been written to him show the positive impact he has had.  And, the girls basketball booster club held it’s first annual preseason tournament… the Scheitrum Classic, an acknowledgement of  the impact he’s had.  The tournament was a big success and the 3-Point Club made a $500 donation to the American Cancer Society!  What a wonderful group of parents, coaches and players.  We got such a nice surprise while we sat in the bleachers.  We were presented with a beautiful flower arrangement for our 30th wedding anniversary!

Hopefully, that catches you up on all that is going on.  In closing, throughout these past 8 months, you have given me and my family the most important of gifts…. love, friendship, care, concern, hope, encouragement and a belief that nothing is impossible.  I cannot be more grateful.  With that, I want to wish each and every one of you the most joyous and blessed of holiday seasons.  You desire nothing less than that!


PS The picture below was taken in September at the Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem, the site of Kevin & Tay’s wedding.  We were celebrating their first anniversary.    MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us!!!!



8 responses

  1. Hope you had a great Christmas. We are so happy that you have made such great progress. Sounds like the family is doing great as well. All my best to Kristin in her new endeavor. Hope 2014 continues to bring you good news. Love to all!!

  2. Jim & Sonja MacWilliams | Reply

    To a very special Sig Ep Sweetheart; this sent shivers down my spine. Of course I was eating ice cream and drinking beer at the time (true statement). What great news. Lots of love.

  3. Hi Lynn,
    That is wonderful news. I am wishing you a beautiful holiday. There is no better gift than your health. Oh, and of course, the family you have behind you is the most precious gift of all. God Bless you all.
    Love, Deana

  4. Lynn,
    I am so happy see the exuberance in your letter. You have always been a most gracious and courageous woman. I wish you and your family health and happiness.
    You deserve nothing less!
    Merry Christmas and a joy filled New Year.

  5. Hi Lynn:
    What a wonderful update. We are glad to hear you are back to work and doing so well.
    You are an amazing women! We are looking forward to seeing all of you over the holidays.
    Have a Very Blessed Christmas!

    Terry & Bill

  6. What a beautiful family and a great photo! May you and your family gave a happy and healthy Christmas!

  7. Hi Lynn, great update. Your update is so upbeat and positive, you are amazing. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your extended family. How nice….I am pleased to hear going back to work for those 10 hours a week is a nice change for you in your new treatment plan.

    Wishing you the very best this holiday season and a extra special New Years wish- Keep getting better.

    Merry Christmas Lynn to you and your family,


  8. Lynn – thank you so much for the update and it is so good to hear the excitement in your post!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy 2014!! It’s great to see you in the office when you are here (when I can spot you)!!! Take care!

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