September Update

Hi everyone,

Time has gotten away from me as you can probably tell from the date of my last blog entry.  Just as a quick update, I’m had a chemo treatment a week ago today and now have a week off to get my body back on track.

I have two more weeks of infusions to go using the same chemical cocktail.  Each treatment has been getting harder and has taken longer to recover from.  At least I’m not having some of the really bad side effects which would cause the doctors to stop the treatments.  As long as my body holds up, I should make it through this first phase.  It’s so hard to believe that chemo started in May and I’m now heading into my sixth month.

We’re not sure what will follow this chemotherapy.  Carl and I are both planners.  We want to know what our options are and what we can expect to happen next.  We’ve now heard the same thing from my local oncologist along with the doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering.  I’ve had improvements but we have to wait until this course of treatment is over to decide on next steps.  Assuming that my body tolerates the next two infusions, I’ll have a CT scan done in October.  At that point, we’ll head back to Sloan Kettering for a consult to chart the future.  At a minimum, I’ll probably be on more chemo but a maintenance dose with the more toxic chemical taken out and administered less frequently.

During  my off weeks, I’m enjoying trips to the beach with Carl and Kristin.  (Labor Day Weekend brought Kevin and Tay down, too – such fun!).   It’s amazing how therapeutic these visits are.  Looking out at the bay with the sun glistening on the water is so calming.  Plus, I typically get a burst of energy while we’re down there so off we go for long walks, bike riding, kayaking… all good stuff! Usually we close up the place this time of the year.  At most, we take a trip down once or twice in the off season.  We’ve never experience the full change of seasons so we’re looking forward to experiencing that this year.

Hopefully, my next post won’t be so far out in time.  Until then, thanks for your continuing well wishes and prayers.  I so appreciate everything you do to help make my journey easier for me and my family.

Love, Lynn


10 responses

  1. Hi Lynn and Carl,
    I figured things were going as planned when you took a break from writing on your site. It just means you are enjoying life and your wonderful family, not letting this illness consume your life. None of us can predict the future, we all must live every day to the fullest ! God Bless and stay strong .Even when you don’t hear from us, know that everyone is praying for you. You have so many fans 🙂 Take care.

  2. I just wanted to reach out and say that we are all proud of you at Central Staffing you were a hard cookie while you were here and still are and we wish you nothing but the best and hope that we see you again soon! You lightened our day by stopping in a few weeks back and hope we get that privilege again.

    You are a great woman with a strong heart and a good soul and I believe that you will beat this and come out even stronger. We always have you in our thoughts and prayers and hope that in the days to come you can enjoy more days at the beach before winter comes before us and that you are OK.

    Love you and miss you – your co-worker Kim Muller

  3. Kimberli Pitts Calhoun | Reply

    Hi Lynn – Aaron and I think of you often, and you are definitely in our prayers! So happy to hear you’re staying strong, and making progress. We’re thankful that you have such loving family and friends and so much support. You are truly special and mean so much to so many people! We wish you continued improvements. All our best – KPC and Aaron.

  4. Lynn…I think of you so often. So glad to hear you are tolerating the treatments and really happy that you are enjoying wonderful family times at the beach. I agree, one can find such serenity just looking at the sun glisten on the water. Enjoy the fall and all the special family times to come. I continue to send prayers your way. Take care, Pat

  5. I’m so happy to hear you are tolerating the treatment and have such a wonderful family to help you through! You are a true survivor!!! Keep fighting the fight! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!!! Cathy

  6. Jim & Sonja MacWilliams | Reply

    We have our fingers and toes crossed. Wishing you nothing but the best and you certainly have that surrounding you. Stiff upper lip and lots of courage. Lots of love from us.

  7. Glad you enjoyed the ocean and some family time. Hoping the scans keep showing more improvements. You are doing great at fighting this. Keep being strong and positive. We are all thinking about you…..Kelly and Bob

  8. Hi Lynn, Stay strong. You will absolutely get through this, and you and Carl are so right to be looking ahead at all the options. You have such a strong family and friend network, which is fantastic…I am sending you HUGE hugs from the team in Europe and lots of positive thoughts and energy…love Estelle xxxx

  9. Great to hear from you Lynn. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. I am sure you will be glad when the next two infusions are behind you and you can look forward to the next phase. You are one strong lady!! Diane Geist

  10. Funny, I just said to Kelley and Amy at lunch that i haven’t seen an update in a while. Maybe it is my ESP kicking in – if i can envision the winning lottery numbers or even better a cure for this cancer crap – i’ll let you know! So glad to hear that you are holding your own with the treatments – consider that a VICTORY! We think about your family often. Sending you are thoughts, prayers and love – Paul and Cindy

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