A Large Donation

Hi Everyone! We are so happy to announce that a $1,200 donation has been made to The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. Thanks to all of you who bought Team Lynn bracelets and made additional contributions. You are so generous!

As for me, I am doing fine. After a couple of weeks with a small but growing discomfort in the area of my liver, I called my oncologist.  The day of my visit I also had a CT scan done. Good news…there were no signs of any new growth in the tumors AND, the best news, the lymph nodes are almost free of the cancer. If the lymph nodes become clear there may be more treatment options, ones that focus just on the liver. Hopefully, with liver-directed treatment, those tumors can be dealt with successfully.

I still believe that miracles are possible. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. They are truly helping!

Love to all of you!


P.S. This is an off week for chemo so Carl and I are in Ocean City to re-energize. I rediscovered the joys of kayaking on the bay this morning. What a joy!


9 responses

  1. Shame on me, I have not written lately. You are and always will be in everyones thoughts and prayers. We get busy with everyday life and the days fly by. Thinking of you and always wishing you the best with this illness. You are a strong lady and your family is awesome. You will beat this….I feel it 🙂 Keep up the fight ! God Bless…xo

  2. So good to hear from you! Kayak away:).

  3. Jim & Sonja MacWilliams | Reply

    So nice to hear. Enjoy your time off. Nothing but the best.

  4. Fantastic news!! Glad you are enjoying some fun in the sun. Soon you will be taking your walks among the colored leaves.

  5. It was great to spend time with you and Carl yesterday. Hearing the great news on your recovery was icing on the cake. Keep it going!!! Sending love and prayers always.
    Pattie & Kevin

  6. Great news!!! Enjoy your time in OC. Perfect weather for relaxing. Drew says hello and is glad to hear of your progress:).
    You & the family are always in our thoughts & prayers.
    Love, Dave & Carol

  7. Wonderful news…beautiful weekend for beach, relaxation and healing! Your NJ friends, Tom and Tina

  8. LOVE hearing this wonderful news. Keep it up Lynn!! We keep you in our prayers,
    soak up this sunny weather and enjoy the warmth it brings to you in OC–love to you and your famiy.

  9. Karen Richardson | Reply

    This is fantastic news Lynn! Prayers are working!!!! Enjoy your stay in Ocean City, and we will continue to keep your in our prayers!

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